Take your forecasting to the next level

Travelytic – Yield Management is an affordable price and inventory management system designed specifically for tour and river/expedition cruise operators.

Leveraging advanced techniques which pair responsive forecasting models necessary in today’s post-COVID market with historical data for comparisons, variance analysis and benchmarking, our advanced predictive analytics deliver insights which empower margin optimizing decisions.

Powerful yield management decision making at your fingertips

Advanced forecasting

Master complex customer demand with the power of predictive analytics and machine learning

Price Optimization

Maximise profit with data driven price & promotion decision making across all sales channels and products

Inventory Management

Identify opportunities to optimize inventory across your portfolio to meet ever changing demand

Solution Overview

Our core analytics and forecasting engine combines internal datasets with yield management methodologies and business logic to yield management actions and reports.

Core Engine

Weekly yield recommendations, forecast metrics and performance KPIs delivered in easy to use dashboards…

Small sample from full reports

Key Features

Weekly Action Alerts

Weekly price & portfolio yield recommendations driven by predictive analytics and powerful machine learning algorithms

Revenue & Margin Reporting

Review revenue & margin across your organisation and drill into specific details with our simple to use variance reports

Specialist Forecasting Techniques

Manage spill, seasonality, cancellations, new tours and much more with the power of specially designed algorithms

Performance KPIs

Compare current & forecast load/revenue/margin performance vs historic with a wide range of KPI reports

Customized Forecasting

Parameterized algorithms allow forecasting to be customized to your business’s needs & strategies

Competitor Demand Indicators

Gain the benefits of wider competitor demand indicators integrated directly into forecasting (available to Competitor Insight subscribers)

Risk Management

Confidence scores and advanced back testing support all recommendations… allowing risk profiles to be analysed before taking any decisions

Additional Demand Indicators

We offer a wide range of additional demand indicator integration options such as web analytics, marketing campaigns, social media trends and weather data trends.

Data Integration

Our team manages the complex task of internal data integration, so you can gain all the benefits of increased data visibility with none of the hassle

Step by Step Upgrades

Yield Management is a journey and our team are here to guide you through the steps with additional features/forecasting capabilities added in a phased value driven approach.

What our customers say

"Travelytic is a powerful resource for us (both the Competitor Insight AND new Yield Management functions), but it’s the way the support team continually improves and customizes the service to meet our rapidly changing needs that makes it invaluable. As a result of having a partner who provides on-demand support, platform updates/modifications and customization in a timely manner, we are able to leverage their services to directly (and positively) impact business decisions. Further, Travelytic is very easy and intuitive to use. The continuous support, collaboration, and development are basically the cherries on top of a very useful and robust platform."

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