Comprehensive market monitoring at your finger tips

Designed specifically for tour operators as well as river and expedition cruise operators, Travelytic is the only comprehensive data mining service in this complex and rapidly changing marketplace. We deliver monthly in depth reports in the area of product, pricing and promotion with both short and long term trends.

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Key Features

Portfolio Reports

Review tours by country, location, departure date, departure year, tour type, tour format

Tour vs Tour Comparisons

View direct tour vs tour comparisons on your portfolio vs competitor across a wide range of tour details

Pricing & Promotions Reports

Price, Price per night, base price, post promotion price, promotion type/strategy, room level pricing

Dynamic Competitor Sets

Competitor sets generated automatically via customizable parameter based algorithm

Detailed Itinerary Reports

Accommodation, inclusions, single supplements, highlights, internal flights

Change Reports

Review month to month activity across portfolio, pricing and availability

Availability Reports

Sold out status, guaranteed departure status

Trend Reports

Review long term trends in portfolio, pricing, promotions and availability

Multi-Market Views

Multi currency / market views across all pricing and promotion reports

Year over Year Reports

Monitor changes in your competitors product, portfolio, price and availability from year to year

As industry experts, we know you compete on more than price alone

The competitive landscape for tour and cruise operators is both complex and rapidly changing. With thousands of data points to track each day, it is nearly impossible for manual tracking to achieve the level of detail and accuracy that we can deliver using our advanced web scraping technology.

Data driven decisions across multiple teams

Competitor Insight is used by many teams across an organization to drive decision making…

Product Development

Develop and maintain products which are competitive in price, quality and inclusiveness. Stay on top of emerging competitor trends and utilize your time more efficiently.

Yield Management

Monitor competitor activity in the areas of pricing and availability on competing departure dates to guide data driven decision making.


Monitor the short and long term promotional strategies for your competitor set. Track price change strategies and product launch timelines.

What our customers say

"Travelytic has been a game changer for our organization. What used to be tedious and time-consuming competitive analysis has become a very accessible abundance of data displayed across numerous meaningful charts. We’re now able to keep track of information over time that would have been nearly impossible to do without a small army of workers. The Travelytic developers have been receptive to feedback, and together we’ve worked to create some very useful tools"

Leah Griffin Global Pricing Lead
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