Introducing the next generation of Analytics for the travel industry

Combining industry expertise with highly skilled data scientists in our proprietary lab, we provide a series of specialized modules for the travel industry.

Fit for purpose analytics unlock insights which drive critical decision making in the areas of integrated attribution modelling, sales and distribution, customer analytics, impact modelling, and travel agency consortia performance

Welcome to our suite of Travel Analytics modules

Attribution & cost to serve modelling

In the complex and rapidly evolving world of travel distribution, we bring clarity to the ROI on your marketing investments and give visibility to the true cost of serving a customer

Sales and Distribution

By overlaying your CRM and customer location data with externally harvested market metrics we’ll improve the efficiency of your sales teams efforts. Distribution channel analytics will highlight your most profitable opportunities.

Customer Analytics

Understand customer trends from the bottom up. Model purchase behaviour, loyalty, and emerging customer preference to drive strategic initiatives.

Travel Agency Consortia

Easily identify trends across key performance indicators. Model the root cause of growth or decline in profits or sales. Forecast bookings, payments and profits and leverage key customer insights to elevate performance.

Impact Modelling

Are acquisitions or other major investments adding value? Do you know if you are growing organically or are hidden factors skewing your view? Let us help split out the moving parts of your growth to enhance your strategic oversight

Custom Solutions

Custom solutions are available for any of your business needs. Explore advanced forecasting, apply machine learning to predict customer attrition or take a deep dive into destination trends. Contact us and we’ll develop a solution for you.

Insights that drive value throughout the Organization…

Destination Analysis
Profit Value Chain
Impact Analysis
Agent Performance

Small sample from full reports

Understand which destinations are driving profits as well as sales. Create visibility around other metrics such as cancellation rates, booking windows and return on commission rates.

Key Features

Speedy Delivery

Analytical solutions you thought would take months can be up and running in weeks

Data Integration

We work with you integrate your different data sets and resolve data quality issues

Cloud Hosted

Our solution is cloud hosted and avoids any IT overhead meaning it’s easy to get up and running

Training Included

Support is provided in terms on and off site training as well as access to a variety of online materials.

Industry Expertise

Access our team of travel experts and work with them to tailor the solution to your needs


Don’t worry about data sizes – our architecture means we can handle millions of rows and thousands of columns

Data Enrichment

We help make your data better in a variety of ways such as building out forecasts or creating destination hierarchies

Helps Users at all Levels

Our solution produces different levels of output that works for Agents, Analysts and the Exec Team.

What our customers say

Travelytic has been amazing for us. The development team provides continuous support and guidance throughout the development process. Their data scientists and business experts worked side by side with our collective team members in order to build our ultimate dashboard. The team took the time to really understand our business and presented solutions and insights along the way. The platform is easy to work with, provides speed to access and real time reporting and analytics for our 67 branches and 2 call centers. They built custom solutions for our team in a timely and efficient manner and possess excellent customer service skills. We are extremely pleased with them and are looking forward to working with them on future projects.

Mike RotondoManaging Director, AAA Northeast – Travel Dept